Hui Time Gives Students a Cafeteria Alternative


Freshman Matthew Batmukh and Nakomis Styers, are seen playing basketball in the Aux Gym.

Remember recess? It’s back.

Not everyone wants to spend their lunch period in the cafeteria. That’s why administration is implementing Hui Time, an alternative to a cafeteria lunch, where students can spend their lunch period in the gym, instead, playing basketball, or just hanging out. 

Mr. Penn, Mr. Rose, Mr. Wingfield, and Mr. McMillan first came up with the idea over the summer, to help students engage in more physical activities, and give them an alternative to sitting in a crowded cafeteria or even roaming the halls at lunch. 

“There were a lot of kids coming to me complaining about being stuck in the cafeteria saying they were bored,” said Mr. McMillian. “We thought that Hui Time would be useful and more productive for those students.” During Hui Time, students are allowed to play basketball, and practice other sports.

 According to Mr. McMillian, the goal of Hui Time is to continue to build a community for students, allowing them to interact in a more positive way, and to increase their confidence through communication with peers. He hopes that as the program continues, it will create strong relationships between participating students and staff members.

The administration team is looking to introduce Hui –  meaning club or association in Hawaiian – in line with this year’s “Ohana” theme, on A days. They also hope to gain useful feedback in order to have it up and running full-time. 

Once the activity is put into play, students must receive a pass from an administrator covering a lunch shift in order to go.

In the meantime, a lot of students are excited for Hui time, and can’t wait to be apart of it, hoping it will be a good chance to get their minds off of any negativity and stress they often feel while in school. Junior Martena Lawerence says, “Hui time will be a perfect distraction when we wish to get away and just relax.”