Administration Relaxes Outdated Hat Policy


Preeta Singh, Photography Editor

This year, administration relaxed the policy on hats and hoods, an update that comes after decades of disagreement between students and teachers over headwear.

According to Mr. Wilson the revision to Policy 9210, which once prohibited headwear in the building, now allows students to wear hats and hoods and religious coverings during the school day.

Wilde Lake is the only school in the county to make this change. According to Mr. Wilson, other schools are considering changing their policies too.

“The policy is outdated,” said Mr. Wilson who feels we are headed in the right direction.

G/T Research teacher Ms. Dixon now allows hats in her classroom and believes that this new dynamic will “allow less attention on the little things, and put more attention on content in class,” she said. “Education shouldn’t be affected by the hat you wear.”

For some students, this new idea has made them feel more comfortable to be their own individual. “I really like that I can cover my head,” said Collins Tadjou, an 11th grader who was wearing a hood. “It’s nice that I am free to wear what I want in the building.”

According to Mr. Wilson, when students come to school, they don’t want the first thing they hear to be ‘take your hat or hood off.”