All Around the World Cooking Pastries


Adriana Irizarry-Cruz, Writer

From Montgomery County, to Germany, and finally to Howard County, Ms. Delaney has travelled the world following her enthusiasm for cooking. Currently working as the new FACS teacher at Wilde Lake, she is eager to share her extensive knowledge of the culinary arts with her students.

Ms. Delaney started pursuing her trade 13 years ago. “I just have a passion for creating things,” she said.

Having started out in Montgomery County as an assistant chef, she further pursued her culinary career by working as an intern at a family bakery in Germany. Now, she shares her experiences in the kitchen with her students at Wilde Lake.

Being a first-year teacher is a “huge learning curve,” she said. However, Ms. Delaney looks forward to gaining experience and building relationships with her students. “I’ve been connecting very well with people,” she said. “It’s been a great start.”