Finally Teaching High School, Mr. Frederick Couldn’t Be More Grateful


Mr. Frederick referees a pick-up basketball game in his gym class

Bryan Shin, Filmmaker/ Writer

The atmosphere of high school is what brought prior middle school gym teacher Mr. Frederick to Wilde Lake.

Mr. Frederick came from Thomas Viaduct Middle School, the newest middle school in Howard County. He is excited about his new position in a high school. “I was always trying to get into high school,” he said. “I wanted a chance to work with older students.”

The maturity that high schoolers are capable of displaying and the meaningful conversations he can have with Wilde Lake students appeal to him. He never got the chance to have conversations about life and the future with middle schoolers, and is grateful that high schoolers are more perceptive to these kinds of topics.

The motivational difference between middle school and high school is different too, he says. Gym class is a requirement in middle school, but in high school he is teaching strength and conditioning, which is an elective. “I really like teaching an elective class because it shows me the difference between required versus motivated students,” said Mr. Frederick.

To Mr. Frederick, “the willingness to accept and welcome [new members] into the school community,” is very appreciated.

Mr. Frederick may have just arrived, but he is here for the long haul. “I know I want to stay in high school, and I am very happy to be here.”