“Prepared for anything,” Ms. Riley Is Ready For Wilde Lake


Rachel Henry, Editor-in-Chief

New Assistant Principal Ms. Riley is always prepared for anything. She keeps two pairs of rain boots in her office, an extra pair of heels, and another pair of flats, “just in case.” She also keeps a fanny pack for easy access to her phones, several pens, and spare change.

 Ms. Riley worked as an administrator at both Glenelg and Marriott’s Ridge, and is ready to build  “strong new relationships,” at Wilde Lake.

“I’m so used to being at Marriott’s Ridge,” said Ms. Riley. “ I knew everybody’s name and where to find everything. But I’m really looking forward to meeting new people here.”

She was inspired by her mom to begin her teaching career. “I always had opportunities to visit with my mom when she taught in Baltimore City,” she said. “Seeing the relationships she built with her students, and seeing her former students come back as young adults and share their stories was really fun to see.

Ms. Riley started out as an elementary school teacher, then moved to middle school to teach reading, and then to high school for administration. “I made the progression up to high school because I was drawn to working with young adults,” she said.

Ms. Riley notices the love and energy that the students have for Wilde Lake. “I have a passion for kids. The world is an amazing place and some of you are able to navigate that and realize that.”