Teachers Could Expect Low Attendance on Last Three Days of School


Rachel Henry, Editor-in-Chief

Because of all of the inclement weather days that occurred this year, Howard County schools have extended the school year to Tuesday, June 19. According to the HCPSS Website,“No new graded work will be assigned at any level June 15-19.”

Teachers will be taking attendance on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, but they will not be adding new grades to the grade book.

“We literally aren’t allowed to give work,” said Science teacher Ms. Bell. “Final grades are due on June 15, so there is nothing to do.”

In August of 2016, Governor Larry Hogan issued that all Maryland public schools are to begin after Labor Day, and finish before June 15. Despite losing Spring Break, and other days scattered throughout the school year, the seven inclement weather days we had (including one “wind” day) pushed the school calendar back to June 19.

The Maryland Board of Education disapproved a movement to let the county disregard the seven missed school days.

“From what we were told, it is to make sure we comply with the regulated number of hours both students and teachers need for the year,” said Mrs. Donmoyer, 12 year teacher of social studies at Wilde Lake. “But there is no incentive for students to come to school. I expect low attendance from students and teachers.”

Ninth grader Remal West will not be attending the final three days, feeling that they are unnecessary.

“They can’t give us work, there’s nothing to do, there is no point,” said freshman Ramal West. “I’m not going to just sit here and stare at a wall.”

Though these days serve as a nuisance to many students, freshman Skyler Merchant, feels as if it is “not a big deal. It’s sort of pointless, I don’t see why we have to be here, but we have to complete the full 180 [days],” she said.