JV Softball Finishes Season 12-3, Taking Best Record This Spring Season

JV Softball Finishes Season 12-3, Taking Best Record This Spring Season

Aenilah Watkins, Web Editor in Chief

With an overall record of 12-3, the Wilde Lake JV softball team set the bar very high for their fellow competitors, and for all the sports teams this spring season.

The JV team surpassed all Wilde Lake Spring sports teams this season with the best record.

Sophomore Lily Richards, first baseman, believed it was a team effort for their great season. “Our skills complemented each other very well,” she said. “With Erin’s amazing pitching and Shania’s great defense at second, we all worked well together.”

When the girls took off on their winning streak, the level of confidence had reached an all time high.

“We definitely got cocky at times,” said sophomore Whitney Bacon. “But we knew how well we worked together and got along, so it helped make sure we secured those wins.”

The team took out big time competitors such as Glenelg with a score of 13-10, and River Hill with a score of 18-6.

“Our mindset going into every game was that we would get better every inning,” said sophomore Macayla Miles.

“Coach Wayne helped fix little mistakes as we made them,” said Miles. “He was very supportive and he knew what he was talking about. He helped us fix our mistakes as we made them and improvements could immediately be seen.”

This season was Coach Wayne’s third year coaching softball at our school. “Softball is a game of quick starts and stops. It requires strong core with quick feet and hands with a keen eye,” he said.

“I always teach my girls to strive to do better than they performed during the previous inning. This season I know I gave them a chance to excel, learn a sport, and no matter the outcome, give it their all, and I can definitely say that they have done all of that this season.”