My Fortnite Experience: Is It Worth All The Hype?


Aenilah Watkins, Web Editor in Chief

Trends come and go. They stick around for a few months and then disappear only for a new one to take their place. This cycle is never-ending, and for that reason, I usually don’t partake in them. But Fortnite has created such a buzz that I couldn’t resist this time.


Fortnite, a new co-op survival game, has been the latest trend that everyone not only seems to be talking about, but also playing constantly! It seems like it’s never-ending. I pull up my Snapchat stories and immediately see posts on Fortnite with boys posting the amount of kills they got and how they got them.


After weeks of hearing non-stop talk about Fortnite, and being pressured by my friends to download the game, I finally agreed to play it to see what all the hype was about. And so, just last week, I downloaded the game and gave it a shot. Here’s my review:


The premise of the game is simple: It’s a battle royale where you do your best to survive in a world where other people are trying to kill each other and the only way to win the game is to kill as many people as you can. The game drops players in the middle of nowhere without weapons to defend themselves. By forming teams and alliances, you have a better chance of survival. Or else if you’re like me you become an easy kill in someone else’s game, and sadly I had to learn this not once, but three times, as I was killed repeatedly.


Based on my previous knowledge, the way that games work is that they give players a background story or introduction. After that, the player is given an objective to achieve with the resources necessary to do so, and then the game begins.


But in Fortnite, that idea is thrown out the door. There is no backstory given and the only objective is to kill. And I quickly found that a world where people are put on land and told to just kill each other ultimately becomes exhausting and boring.


The reason I hate Fortnite is the reason why other people love it: its simplicity. Going into Fortnite I expected something with a totally different concept, objective, and narrative. However, the game didn’t differ from what I usually see and dislike in video games.


Today, gun violence is a touchy topic that has been repeatedly displayed in numerous video games. Know the purpose for playing video games, and more specifically, figure out what you are “killing” for. Until then, I pray that 2K is brought back.