New BSAP Liaison Mr. Nicks Hopes to Empower Students With Winning Mindsets

Mr. Nicks joins the Wilde Lake community as the new BSAP community.

Mr. Nicks joins the Wilde Lake community as the new BSAP community.

Ihsaan Fanusie, News Editor

Marcus Nicks is bringing a new spirit of positivity and character building to students and teachers in his first year at Wilde Lake.

Mr. Nicks, Black Student Achievement Program Liaison, has made it his goal to help students achieve their best selves. Mr. Nicks previously worked at Patuxent Valley Middle School as the BSAP Liaison. At PVMS, Mr. Nicks improved the community in a way that he also hopes to achieve here. He equipped students with relevant skills, including study habits and academic focus through confidence, motivation, and inspiration. His main goal was to “increase the achievement of African- American students.”

This can be completed through “mentoring, academic goal setting, grade spotting, and giving students the strategies to succeed in school,” he said. “I like making personal connections with students,” said Mr. Nicks. He loves to meet new students and hear different perspectives within the community.

“You constantly hear this theme of defeat,” said Mr. Nicks. “You constantly hear this theme of African Americans being the victim or not really doing many positive things.”

Some students, Mr. Nicks says, see themselves as victims instead of leaders. His goal is to get rid of the ‘victim mentality’ and show students how to act with self- confidence and pride.

Mr. Nicks hopes to empower students with the advice: “Don’t operate from a position of weakness but operate from a position of strength.” This can be achieved through teaching about Black History outside of the annual Black History Month presentation, and building positive relationships.

Another mission that Mr. Nicks has is to help students build, and understand the importance of those positive relationships.

In the BSAP, Mr. Nicks gives students strategies to improve relationships with teachers, administrators, and peers. Students will be provided with opportunities and resources to put them in the best position to be successful.

Mr. Nicks hopes to bring a winning mindset to students at Wilde Lake as the new BSAP liaison.