Wingfield Wins Coach of the Year

Wingfield Wins Coach of the Year

Takyla Brown, Staff Writer

Deonne Wingfield was selected by The Howard County Times to receive the honor of “Boys Basketball Coach of the Year.” In addition to coaching, Wingfield is also a physical education  teacher here at Wilde Lake.

Now back to normal at Wilde Lake, Wingfield still recalls the feeling of stardom. “It was a great honor to be recognized for the season we had this year,” said Wingfield.

But Wingfield admits, he couldn’t have won the award alone. ‘’That award doesn’t come without the degree of the coaching staff that I have, and the players I have playing for me this year; for those that brought that into the system and helped me win this award,” he said.

Coach Wingfield played basketball when he was in high school and college, and played professional basketball in Europe for several years. “[Basketball] has always been a passion of mine,” said Wingfield.

As for coaching, Wingfield says it feels right for him. “It’s just something I enjoy doing,” he said. “It’s really comfortable for me.”

According to sophomore Trea Keys, who plays for Wilde Lake, Wingfield taught him much about the game. “He told us not to worry about trying to score and [During the game] when to get my teammates involved,” said Keys. “He really takes his time to teach you about the game and he never gives up on you. He believes in all his players.”