Faith Leslie Makes Home Run History

Gabby Christopher, 2015-2017 Opinions Editor

Senior Faith Leslie walked up to the plate on March 27 focused on playing hard against Hammond for the last time. She looked at the ground, looked up and took a strong, level practice swing. The wind whooshed as she securely swung her bat. Faith’s eyes focused in on the ball through her helmet as the Hammond pitcher threw the ball in her direction. Faith’s bat made a perfect connection with the ball, and the ball sailed over the fence, as dust from the field trailed Faith’s path to the around the bases. Then she hit the ball again and again and again, resulting in four home runs.

What varsity softball captain Faith did during her game was something that has never been seen even during a MLB game. She made history when she hit a “home run cycle,” which consists of hitting a solo home run, two-run shot, three-run shot and a grand slam in one game.

This is Faith’s fourth and final year on the Wilde Lake softball team, and she’s bringing everything she’s got up to the plate. She is currently batting a .667 with 15 RBI’s and five home runs.

Faith has been playing softball for 13 years, and has become a leading player on the varsity team for four years. She has been awarded the Wildecat award once, Most Valuable Player three times, and she’s been nominated for 1st Team All-County. Outside of Wilde Lake softball, Faith plays travel softball for Western Howard County Fever.

“I always say that Faith is a great softball player, but an even greater person. She is an absolute joy to coach and to know,” said Coach Kristina Dronenburg.

“It was really exciting to be able to hit a home run cycle,” said Faith. “I’m really proud of myself, and it’s really amazing to get recognition from journalists all across the country,” she said.

“Faith is an absolute star!” said Coach Dronenburg, “Faith will go down as one of the top Wildecats in the history of the softball program. She has permanently etched herself into the record books.”