Exciting Changes to the 2017 Yearbook!

Chris Fiorini, Yearbook Staff

Big changes are coming to the school yearbook this year. The annual yearbook, known as the Glass Hour, has provided a recap of the school year and its events, from athletics such as sports to student events such as concerts.

“The yearbook has always been a great way for many to keep in touch with some of the best years in their life.” says yearbook designer Jonathan Sussman. “That’s why people buy it – it keeps those memories with you even after you graduate.”

However, the yearbook’s unusual publishing schedule has caused some complications in the years past. The Wilde Lake yearbook has traditionally been published in May, with Wilde Lake being one of the two schools in the county with this publishing schedule.

“The upside of publishing in May was that students had their hands on the yearbook before graduation and could have teachers and friends sign their book. Unfortunately, we missed out on the opportunity to include spring sports and events such as prom and graduation” said Mrs. Henderson, the teacher of the yearbook class.

Starting in 2017, the yearbook will be published in August. “We get to add in all spring events now, and since there’s more time to work on it, this year it’ll have a higher quality.” said editor Noah Sutker.

Spring events like lacrosse, prom, and graduation will now be included in the yearbook. Seniors will have their yearbooks mailed directly to them (free of charge!), while underclassmen will pick up their yearbooks on the first day of school.

For students who want to capture their autographs before summer starts, adhesive inserts for autographs will be available and can be placed in yearbooks when they are available.

“It’s a big change, but it’s gonna be a bigger and better yearbook than ever before.” said senior Kalyan Emerick.

Don’t forget to order your yearbook – you don’t want to miss out on your chance to share great memories!