Wilde Lake Teachers Disappointed by Election Results


Bryan Castillo, Photographer

At Wilde Lake, teachers just like the students, want to have their opinions heard on the results of the election. While some teachers feel satisfied with the results, others feel disappointed and shocked.

Ms. Nichols, a government teacher feels disappointed with Donald Trump being elected. Ms. Nichols wants a president who will set a good example for students and she’s worried about how this election has already affected students.

“I don’t like the example that Donald Trump’s setting for students,” said Ms. Nichols. She feels that some of the things he’s said to certain minority groups could be considered to be bullying. She’s disappointed but hopes to see people come together and “hold the government accountable.”

Ms. Pennington, just like Ms. Nichols, has already seen this election affect students. Ms. Pennington says she has “students that are terrified because they’re in the groups that Mr. Trump has offended, demined, belittled, disvalued, and otherwise threatened while he was running for president.” This is a big concern that many teachers share.

Ms. Dixon, a G/T research teacher, said she voted in the interest of her kids and her students. She doesn’t like the example that Donald Trump has set. She’s also worried because of the quality Trump’s cabinet picks.

Ms. Pennington is also worried about the cabinet appointments. “I’d like to not see the most anti-climate change person be in charge of the Environment Protection Agency. I’d like to see an attorney general that isn’t a clan supporter or an outspoken racist.”

Ms. Dixon has also already seen her students “worried about being labeled or targeted.” Ms. Nichols says she “saw people crying the next morning.” These students are worried about what might happen to them, and most of these students are minorities.

Ms. Franckowiak also doesn’t like Donald Trump. She feels as though the president-elect made false claims that weren’t challenged, and did not provide any sufficient evidence to back up his claims.

Not all of the teachers who dislike Donald Trump like Hillary Clinton. Ms. Pennington was able to see that “people weren’t in love with Hillary Clinton,” and she wasn’t surprised with the results. She believed that Donald Trump would win since “the people who voted for Trump are desperate.”

All of the teachers who shared their opinions hope that in the future, their students will exercise their civic duties and ensure that their voices are heard, no matter who is in office.