Happy Birthday, wlhspawprint.com!

The Paw Print Staff Launches Redesigned Website


Misbah Farooqi, 2015-2017 Editor-in-Chief

Since 1971, The Paw Print has been a staple print publication at Wilde Lake. However, this year, The Paw Print staff made the decision to expand their online presence by launching a new and updated website.

The new website, which can be accessed on wlhspawprint.com, features a renovated design and increased content. The website was created through the School Newspapers Online program, which is a provider of interactive and engaging WordPress sites for high school and college newspapers.

The Paw Print staff still plans on publishing a print issue in the spring, but the editors hope that the website will attract more traffic and allow for better content to be published.

“Having a good website allows us to publish more stories in a timely manner and makes it easier for us to get readers. The print version took months to get out, and it didn’t allow us to publish certain stories within the time frame that they should have been published,” said opinions editor Gabby Christopher.

The staff also plans to use the website to include content that they haven’t been able to with the print version.

“We will be able to publish more interactive content such as videos, sports scores, and slideshows. We’ve already published a video on the Homecoming pep rally, and hope to make more videos and multimedia for the student body,” said photographer Natalie Varela.

The editors hope that the new website will become a primary news source for the Wilde Lake community for years to come.