New Social Studies Teacher Brings Smiles To Student Faces


After six years of teaching, Ms. Amalemba joins our staff at Wilde Lake. Ms. Amalemba is a new social studies teacher who taught for one year in Philadelphia and four in Prince George’s County before coming to this school.

Ms. Amalemba loves teaching, and her favorite part of teaching is her students. “My favorite part of teaching is getting to know my students, who they are, their interests, their backgrounds, and finding out what I can do to help each of them be successful,” said Ms. Amalemba.

She decided to teach social studies to bring joy to learning history. Ms. Amalemba had a bad experience with history during her time as a student, but during her college years, she found it to be more interesting.

“I had a horrible experience in middle and high school with most history classes. I did not uncover my love for history until college, which was [due to the] lack of interesting teachers who loved the content,” said Ms. Amalemba.

Ms. Amalemba loves the school. “The staff has been extremely welcoming and I have an excellent group of students that I work with this year,” said Ms. Amalemba.