Fall Sports Recieve New Coaches


Cristopher Fiorini


Fall Sports Recieve New Coaches


A new entourage of coaches will be the guiding force for a variety of sports team for the 2016 fall season.

For field hockey, girls soccer, varsity boys soccer, volleyball, girls cross country, varsity cheerleading, and allied soccer, new coaches will move in for those who have left.

“They left for a variety of reasons”, says Mr. Rau, athletic director. “Some are having children, some got new jobs in non-educational positions, some are moving.”

Even though fall sports have gone through a sudden and large change in management, Rau has faith in the new coaches. “We’re looking for the best person for the job, not only for coaching but also for looking over our students.” says Rau. “Athletics is an extension of the classroom, and it teaches skills that aren’t learned in class, such as teamwork, communication, and citizenship.”

The athletes themselves hold a variety of opinions on the new development. Junior Camille Johnson is a member of the girls volleyball team who will be receiving a new coach, Nick Sharpe. “I think it’s gonna be hard to adjust to a new coach, especially after getting used to our old coach’s teaching style”, says Johnson.

“I am excited for our new coach because I know him though, he taught me how to play volleyball in eighth grade” adds Johnson.

Junior Richard Awuah, soccer player, is excited for a new coach. “I think a new coach can bring a lot to the program.” says Awuah. “I feel a lot of us feel excited and we’re hoping for a turnaround from past seasons.”

Awuah, like Johnson, has worked with his coach previously before. “From what he showed us already, he seems to know a lot and has a plan for our next season”, says Awuah.