Poetry Slam Provides Outlet for Aspiring Poets


Wilde Lake Student Danni Vitullo performs at Poetry Slam.

On March 23rd, Mr. Ringgold and Ms. Midgely hosted a poetry slam in the mini theater as an opportunity for students to share their writing while raising funds for the speech and debate team.

“This event was created off of the love for poetry and trying to increase awareness of the student voice,” said Mr. Ringgold.

There was no limit to what the participants could share. Some recited poetry, others read stories, and some told narratives.

Although this event benefits the speech and debate team, many of the participants agree that this event also benefits the students as well.

Dashae Coley-Epps, a sophomore, recited an excerpt from a book. She said, “The poetry slam is a great opportunity for students to express themselves in a positive environment without being judged.”

Heaven Booze, a senior, recited her own poetry. “This event allowed students to say what they think and express themselves in front of a group of people, and most people don’t do that regularly.”

This poetry slam event has occurred for the last three years, and according to Mr. Ringgold, it will continue to take place in the future.