Dance Students Showcase Talents at Winter Concert

Dance Students Showcase Talents at Winter Concert

Wilde Lake’s Dance department showcased student choreographed pieces to Broadway songs at the winter dance concert on January 7 and 8.

The preparation for this showcase took about two months, according to Dance teacher, Ms. Estabrook. Students were put into groups and given a theme for the song they were to choose and routine they were to choreograph themselves.

Many Dance students said that overall, the majority of their class time was used strictly to practice their routines.

The Dance classes performed their recent broadway themed showcase on two different nights, Thursday and Friday. “The Friday night performance was extremely successful because my students were very confident. It’s a great feeling for me to see their confidence in expressing themselves,” said Ms. Estabrook, director of the Dance department.

“It takes a lot of work and dedication to put on a show,” said Ms. Estabrook. “It’s a wonderful experience for my students to express their creativity.”

Nelson Espinoza, a Dance 2 student, agrees with his teacher Ms. Estabrook. “The Friday night performance had a better turnout because people were spreading the word, and students from other schools were able to come,” said Nelson.

This is sophomore Joy Williams’ second year in Dance. “I think our dances were really great the second night because everyone’s nerves were out and we had more time to think about our dances,” said Joy.

Junior Ashley Comeau said, “The concert went phenomenally. We pulled it together, and it went better than I had expected.”

“I think it went very well,” said Junior Dance Company student Armani Cromwell. “The theme dances were really great. We worked really hard and we dedicated a lot of time to it. Overall, it was a great success.”

Estabrook said that the goal for the Fine Arts department this year is to help highlight student accomplishments. One of the ways they do that is through concerts and showcases like the one the Dance department just had.

The Dance department will be hosting another concert in May that will feature dances involving the whole class. Ms. Estabrook and her students are looking forward to putting on a show like the last one.