Students Showcase Musical Talents at Coffee House


Wilde Lake’s Music Program provides many opportunities for students to showcase their musical abilities, and the Coffee House on December 17 was one of them.

Mr. Rankin, the Music Technology teacher, hosted the event in the cafeteria. There were microphones and speakers set up by the doors, the tables were pushed back and in rows, and there were donuts and coffee on the back table.

The front of the cafeteria is where the students were located, and they were either singing or playing instruments.

Sophomore Kyle Ryder, a guitar player in his band, put a lot of time into preparing for his performance. “We do get practice time in class, but I used a lot of time outside of class to practice,” said Kyle.

Students in the music program can rehearse for their music showcases and performances in their music classes, but most of the students recall the majority of practice being done on their own.

Hugh Fraser, a sophomore in Music Technology and Chorus, is very involved in the music program. “This is a great opportunity for me. I enjoyed being in it [The coffee house] a lot because music is something I’m passionate about,” said Hugh.

Fraser adds that “this event is important because it’s good practice for future performances.”

Mateo Parsons, a sophomore in Guitar 2, agrees with Fraser.  “It’s always enjoyable when we showcase our work.  Events like this give us a chance to improve our live performance skills.”