SGA Makes Changes to Homecoming Week

Multiple changes had been made to Wilde Lake’s 2015 homecoming week and pep rally, including new spirit days, fashion shows, food drives, and more.

This year, a suggestion box was left out in the cafeteria pre-homecoming week, allowing students to suggest ideas for this year’s pep rally and spirit week. The most popular ideas were applied to the spirit week.

Each day of the week brought a new environment to Wilde Lake: wacky tacky, twin day, pink day for breast cancer awareness, character, and class color. At the end of each day, two representatives from each grade were selected to strut their outfits down the bridge on the second floor, showing off their school spirit.

During Wilde Cat time that week, 50 participants from each class, signed up through their class councils, were given a list of a hundred items they were to take pictures of, and post the pictures on either Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag specific to their grade. Whichever class posted the most pictures won, and the seniors won the prize.

There was also a food drive in which bins were left outside the cafeteria for any non-perishable food items that people had to offer, and the sophomores donated the most foods to the food bank out of all four grades.

The SGA has many new ideas and plans for the future, especially for the winter pep rally.

“We’re hoping that we can get more activities during the actual pep rally,” President Misbah Farooqi stated, “Our main goals are increasing school spirit and uniting the school in different ways.”DSC_0201 DSC_0181