Cafeteria Staff Feels Disrespected

Cafeteria Staff Feels Disrespected

When a student walks into the cafeteria, they might notice a tense atmosphere, frustrated kitchen staff, and hungry, impatient students clumped together in the free and reduced line.

There is an unorganized, large mass of students pushing and shoving to get to the front.  While in the line, a student might hear other students cursing, pushing and cutting.

Students and the cafeteria staff deserve a better lunch experience.

The staff consistently has felt disrespected for a long time. Ms. Sima, cafeteria staff member, said, “the students speak to us in a condescending way, as if I’m lesser than them.  Every worker in the cafeteria has been through it.”

For students, the chaos of the lunch line only adds to the difficulty of eating lunch in peace. Lunch is 30 minutes long and some students are spend up to the 15 minutes of this time waiting in the lunch line.

“It isn’t organized at all and there are way too many people pushing,” said sophomore, Leslie Alvarez.  However, she also offers a solution, “they need to get faster and get more servers.”

When asked about the cafeteria issues, Mr. LeMon also offered a solution.

“Creating lines with metal railings to help guide the students to the food could be helpful,” said Mr. LeMon.

After hearing the opinions of the students, administration, and the cafeteria staff, we have come to conclusion that there needs to be some sort of solution to this chaos; whether it be more staff members, new railings, or just a completely new design for the cafeteria.