WL jazz band takes the title of national grand champions

Wilde Lake’s jazz band of 2014-15 won the National Grand Championships award at the Orlando Festival under their experienced conductor, Mr. Dutrow.

The small, but powerful group of students impressed the judges with their perfected piece, and both the jazz band and the wind ensemble took first place in their division.

Though the jazz band had a few obstacles, this win did not get them the award for grand champions immediately. Last year, the Orlando Festival company created a new program which lasts over the course of eight weeks from March to May. The judges of this system selected the top three bands from each division to participate for the title of grand champions, and Wilde Lake’s jazz band won the title.

The news came as a complete surprise to Mr. Dutrow, as neither him nor the jazz students knew that they had even been entered for such prize, as well as having taken such an amazing name for themselves because of it. When the news was released during the summer of 2015, everyone was full of pride for the dedicated band and their accomplished conductor.

“If we work really hard, then it puts us in the best place to have an outcome that everybody likes,” said Mr. Dutrow.

Mr. LeMon was especially pleased to have attended the performance, and even greater so when it was announced that the Wilde Lake jazz band had won.

Mr. Dutrow has earned many titles and medals over his 35 years at Wilde Lake, each year with a new group of students to teach. Despite the challenges of having to teach new students every year, Mr. Dutrow and the band continue to win and represent Wilde Lake to the fullest.