After School Study Hall is Helpful Though Underused

After School Study Hall is Helpful Though Underused

Any student who has ever played on a sports team can relate to the stress of juggling sports and school work. To help ease this stress, Wilde Lake now holds an afterschool study hall in the cafeteria for athletes.

“The study hall was created to provide students involved in sports with a structured place to quietly study and finish homework before practice,” said Mr. Abeo, who founded the study hall.

James Pender is a sophomore who attends the study hall regularly.

“When I leave practice, I usually don’t go straight home, so I end up getting home late. By that time, I rush through my homework because having to do homework after practice is really tiring.” said Pender, who is on the wrestling team.

“I like going to the study hall, because it gives me a place to do my homework, and I can just relax when I get home from school. By the time I get home, I’ve already finished everything,” said Pender. “At the study hall, I’m still full of energy, and everything from school is fresh in my mind.”

However, Pender is one of few students who utilizes the study hall.

While Pender attends the study hall voluntarily, Coach Wingfield decided to make attendance mandatory for the boys varsity basketball team.

“Some of the athletes think of it as a punishment, when it really isn’t,” said Wingfield.

Wingfield intends for the study hall to help athletes keep grades up and manage time better, but it will only be effective if students attend regularly, says Wingfield. Still, some players, who have asked to remain anonymous, have expressed that they don’t plan on attending in the future.

The study hall will continue to be available for students during the spring sports season.