Toni Heo: A Girl With An American Dream

Toni Heo: A Girl With An American Dream
Junior Toni Heo has been fascinated with American culture since she was young. From learning English and watching American television shows such as Caillou and Dragon Tales, she aspired to be like every other American kid except there was one problem: she lived in Seoul, Korea, halfway around the world.Entering grade school, Heo found herself under the pressure of an enormous amount of stress. After seeing their daughter struggle, Heo’s parents decided to move to Maryland to lessen the pressure and give her more opportunities.

After moving to Maryland in 2012 and beginning school at Wilde Lake in 2013, Heo quickly learned English. Here at Wilde Lake, she felt right at home.

“All the teachers and people were so nice to me,” she said with a smile.

Heo first heard about Inter- national Club from Mr. Browder, and that sparked her interest. She wanted to see what it was about, so she came to one of the meetings and fell in love. “When I came I

made so many friends and I en- joyed learning about the different cultures,” she said,

“This made me want to keep coming back.”

Heo went to every meeting after that and shortly after the seniors left last year, the club put Heo as its president because of the efforts she put forth.

“As president, I give directions of what we are doing and what we could do to make the club better and more popular. I also made a Facebook page to help promote it,” said Heo.

Heo has bigger plans in mind. Next year, Heo wants to start an- other club where International Club members help new foreign students learn English at Wilde Lake and Wilde Lake Middle School. She also wants to start an international club when she’s in college.

From a young girl in Korea dreaming about coming to America to president of the International Club, Heo has big plans for her future in the U.S.