Carly Jones Returns from Kenya with New Philosophy: Teamwork and Unity

Feature StoryCarly Jones dives to the ground, arms stretched to block a spiked ball. A crowd in suspense watches the ball rebound off her arms to a nearby teammate who volleys it back over.

Jones is a senior captain on the var- sity volleyball team for Wilde Lake. This is her second year on varsity and her fourth year at Wilde Lake. She is the libero on the team, a special defensive position, played by the fastest reacting player.

This year, Jones’ teammates attest to her improvement and stamina, “especially in passing,” according to senior Ellah Ipah.

Ipah believes, “Her [Jones’s] biggest change has been her energy on court.”

This past summer Jones went on a mission trip to Kenya. On her trip, Jones discovered a new philosphy: putting others first before oneself, which she then applied to volleyball. Instead of getting frustrated with her teammates, Jones now encourages

them to be the best.
“The most important part of volley-

ball is mental toughness and playing to- gether,” said Jones. “The girls want better, want victory, and want unity. When they are having fun it shows in their playing.”

Charlie Boulton, a fan of the volley- ball team, was at a game where Jones’ tea- mate Kelly Surkovich dove for a ball but missed. Realizing her teammate could have been irritated or distraught, Jones suddenly dove to the ground next to her and smiled.

“She [Jones] constantly says ‘always show your teeth’,” said Ipah.

Jones is described as being a motiva- tion to her team and an inspiration to the fans. “Carly Jones inspires the fans, and the team to put our hearts into the game,” said supporter Paul Donald. He said that Jones would always be positive when a negative situation occurred in the game.

As a senior, Jones is excited about her last year playing for the Lake. “I just really love it!” said Jones.