Fresh Legs Join Varsity Soccer

Feature StoryThink back to freshman year, athletes. Remember that first tryout where you stood, sweating in the August heat and hoping beyond hope that the coach would take you for the varsity team? The coach pulled people aside, told them their fates, and you stood, anxiously awaiting the moment that determined the people you played with for the entire season.

For freshman Luke Pascale, all of his preparation paid off. Though he worked hard over the summer, running three miles a day to keep his stamina up, he was still surprised when he found out that he had made the varsity team as a freshman.

Kevin Comeaux, Jah Dunbar, and Nick David also made the varsity boys soccer this year.

Sophomore Rachel Lazris had a chance to see the team in action and was impressed by how Pascale performed with the older players on the field. “He wasn’t as

big as them, but he made up for it by being aggressive and playing with heart,” said Lazris. “He got along really well with the team.”

“High school soccer players are bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter than the players on club,” said freshman striker Nick David. Like Pascale, he underwent a lot of preparation for his first high school season, but was still shocked by the level of play he was competing with.

After the loss of thirteen seniors last year, soccer coach Mr. Faries was concerned with the team’s leadership. Fortunately, the new freshmen and sophomores, according to coach Faries, “brought hope.”

“We are currently starting five underclassmen,” said coach Faries. “I think people are really starting to step up.” He reported that the team has more diversity allowing him to rotate more players into the games. The result: refreshed, energized players are able to replace the tired ones. He and coach Robinson have made practices structured in a way that they can teach the boys plays, then let them use what they learned and practice.

This year, seven seniors lead the team. According to freshman Kevin Comeaux, the upperclassmen on the team always support the underclassmen and try to stay positive.

“They are good players who lead by example by working hard and taking it seriously,” said Comeaux.

Comeaux thinks that the team has created a good balance between work and play by working hard but also having fun at the same time. He believes that his older teammates encourage the rest of the team and always try to stay positive. “All of my older teammates were very helpful and didn’t treat me like a freshman,” said Pascale. He said that the competition is physical but his fellow players don’t go lightly on him because of age.

Nick David attests to the benefits of the senior leadership in sports. “It’s pretty cool having people up to three years older than me on my team because I can look up to them and they can mentor me,” said David.

With all the fresh legs joining the team, the older players have stepped up to help them be successful. “They pick my head up,” said freshman Jah Dunbar.