Wilde Lake Varsity Volleyball beats Glenelg for the first time in over four years


Bryan Castillo, Photographer

On September 15, Wilde Lake varsity volleyball played and won all three sets against Glenelg High for the first time in over four years. Wilde Lake won three sets in a row 25-17, 25-22, 25-22. The team was able to get 34 kills, 40 points from serving, 4 total blocks, and 48 digs.

The Wilde Lake Varsity Coach, Nick Sharp, coached JV volleyball for six years but now has moved up to coaching the Varsity team. Coach Sharp was “confident of the players as long as they were focused.” Although the team was doing well during the game he was “always worried, as [the team] was a few points up and then few points down.”

The three team captains Faith Leslie, Camille Johnson, and Sydney Tucker had never won against Glenelg during their time at Wilde Lake. Johnson and Tucker said they were confident and both felt as if they didn’t “have anything to lose.”

Coach Sharp feels as if the team deserves all the credit “I give the team a lot of credit since they take it very serious,” said Coach Sharp. He knows the team is taking all the games seriously, but he always expect them to do well. “I didn’t expect to win, just expected to play a good game,” said Coach Sharp.

Before starting off the game, team captain Faith Leslie was “excited and ready to go” since she had never beat Glenelg. During the game, Wilde Lake was confident as they had good momentum and communication.

All three captains, along with middle back and outside hitter Mumbi Murugi-Kamau played together on a club team during the off season. Leslie feels as if the team has good communication and experience playing together, which helps them work well together.

As the game progressed the team had good momentum and had good communication according to the captains, coach, and one of the parents that went to the game.  After the win the team felt happy and excited about the rest of the season. “I’m really excited to see how the rest of the season goes,” said Leslie.

One of the player’s parents, Brian Jordan, father of Emma Jordan, was proud of the team. “[I] was very proud of the team and excited that they beat them,” said Brian Jordan.

The team, coach, and parents were proud of the win and excited for the rest of the season.  Brian Jordan noticed the team’s momentum. “The team is playing very well together, I think they will move into [the] playoffs with a lot of positive momentum” said Brian Jordan.

Since the win over Glenelg, the team has been working hard. They have beat Long Reach, Oakland Mills, and River Hill; while losing to Howard, Centennial,and Mt. Hebron. Wilde Lake has a regional record of 5-3.