Showing Dedication and Perseverance, Hunter Kahn Leads Distance Runners at Wilde Lake


Senior Hunter Kahn is looking forward to his final spring track season. (Photo by Faith Leslie)

Cristopher Fiorini


Showing Dedication and Perseverance, Hunter Kahn Leads Distance Runners at Wilde Lake


Distance runners at Wilde Lake can expect an eight mile run after school with other intensive workouts on the track. This type of workout pushes the body to its limit, forcing the runners to pace themselves so they are able to get to the finish line. Running such a long distance may seem daunting, but athletes like Hunter Kahn thrive off of this kind of competition.

For four years, Kahn has been one of the staple runners for the Wilde Lake long distance running program, having ran continuously for 11 seasons now. He ranked 2nd in the county and third in the region for the mile in indoor track with a 4.36 mile time, and 25th in the entire region for cross country with a 17:44 5k time.

But Kahn wasn’t always fast. Like many runners, it took time for him to get to the level that he’s at now.

“After graduation from middle school, my friends were all going to do cross country at their schools so we trained together the summer after eighth grade.”

Despite the summer training, Kahn still hit obstacles during his first season running.

“Nothing could’ve prepared me for cross country,” said Kahn. “That first season, I got shin splints and was pretty miserable.”

Undeterred, Kahn continued with his running career. “The feeling after finishing a race or a hard workout made the pain worth it. Once track came along, I got a lot more invested in running.”

Now a senior, Kahn continues with his sport, running through rain and snow under the leadership and guidance of Coach Bass.

As the oldest member of the team, Kahn serves as a role model to many of the newer runners.

Junior runner, Jonathan Sussman, has known Kahn since he began running as a freshman.

“We’ve shared similar goals all season. This year especially he pushed me to become a better and more competitive runner. Hunter has always taken running seriously,” said Sussman.

Kahn is able to inspire younger runners to succeed and be more involved in the sport.

Junior Nathan Gears has looked up to Kahn and his positive attitude towards the sport during his 8 continuous seasons of track.

“He has the mental mindset all track runners need,” Gears said.

Kahn says that mindset is what has helped him throughout his time running for Wilde Lake.

“I was decent as a freshman, and every race I just got better and better,” he said.

According to Kahn, Wilde Lake’s cross country team, while being one of the smallest teams in the school, is also one of the closest knit.

“I wouldn’t trade the friends I made on the team for anything. The team gave me an automatic group of friends freshman year, and I’m still close to the guys on my team,”  said Kahn.

Kahn is looking forward to his final spring season and hopes to make the State Competition.