Girls Golf Wins Counties


Despite a change in coaching, the girl’s golf team started the season off strong by staying undefeated and tying for county champions with Howard High School and Marriotts Ridge high School.

This year, the team welcomes new coach, math teacher, Mr Faries.

Mr. Faires has approached coaching the golf team in a different way by allowing the girls to work together as a team and individually during practice.

He enjoys coaching golf because it is much more relaxed and different from other sports he’s previously coached.

“Tyler Teachman, and Leelee Sands have been the consistent high scorers for the season, as well as Zaha Iqbal and Ariana Andres also contributing,” said Mr. Fairies on the top golfers in the team.

Teachman, and the rest of the team, have been adjusting to the new coaching.

“I feel like the team clicks and understands [each other’s] strengths and weaknesses,” she said about this season.

When Teachman first came to Wilde Lake, there was no a golf team, but her older sister helped start the program which eventually grew as more people knew about it.

Since then, more people have joined causing the team to be a threat to top teams in the county such as Marriotts Ridge.

To anyone who is interested in playing golf, Teachman says “It’s a lifetime sport. Just go out and play!”

The team finished their season as strong as they started, winning counties for the first time in many years.