Upcoming Varsity Players Hope to Repeat Past Success

Upcoming Varsity Players Hope to Repeat Past Success

After finishing the 2014 football sea- son with a disappointing 3-7 record, Wilde Lake football is investing its fu- ture in its rising JV team, which ended its 2014 season undefeated, 10-0.

Tied for third last in the division and having missed playoffs for the their fourth consecutive year last season, the varsity team is hoping to repeat their 2010 season, when they won the State Championship under the leadership of Coach Harrison. That hope lies in the JV team, which has spent the off season training and preparing for the upcom- ing 2015 season.

Derrick Lesane, sophomore corner- back and running back, thinks that Wil- de Lake’s best years are ahead. “We can do a lot, and if we execute, we can get

another championship and with a 10-0 record on JV. I think we can carry that talent to varsity level,” said Lesane.

How will they secure another cham- pionship? “Step it up and work as a team from start to finish,” says sophomore Daquan Pridget. And that means work- ing hard in the offseason.

Kicker, punter, and cornerback Jason Macmillan says Wilde Lake’s strength is its special teams. “We need to work on playing as a team,” says Macmillan. But Macmillan believes that in order for the team to improve he must improve himself. “I do a lot of speed training and conditioning, strength workouts in the offseason,” says Macmillan. “We need to do more kicking and punting along with harder conditioning workouts.”

Sophomores David Funderburk, defensive end and tight end, Daquan Pridget, wide receiver and cornerback,

and Anthony Jenkins, running back and safety, are spending their offseasons in the gym.

“I’m going to lift weights and get stronger and faster,” says Funderburk. Pridget agrees: “I want to get better by getting in the weight room and on the field. My goal is to help Wilde Lake win,” says Pridget.

Sophomore Anthony Jenkins, run- ning back and safety, played for Atholton High School last year. “It gave me more energy and motivation, they were my friends off the field, but on the field it’s a different story,” says Jenkins about play- ing against his friends at Wilde Lake.

These athletes believe that hard work and dedication to the game will help them achieve their goal in winning an- other championship. “I hope we can make it happen,” says Daquan.