Masked Musicians Adjust to Playing Together Again

Anna Lefebvre preparing for the band concert. (Charlotte Fetters)

This year the music programs at Wilde Lake are back in person. While some are happy to be back, others are still adjusting to being together again.
Last school year, when everyone was online, musicians were online in a setting no one had worked in before. The transition to returning to the building has been “challenging,” according to band director Mr. Green.
“It’s hard to act like it was before the pandemic,” said Mr. Green. “[We’re] learning to adjust to the new normal for students and teachers.”
Anna Lefebvre, a sophomore, plays tuba in the wind ensemble. “It has been difficult to adjust to playing in a full ensemble again, but I’ve definitely been more motivated than I was online,” she said. “Doing online learning definitely made me appreciate playing [in-person] with an ensemble more.”

Others say the transition back has been smooth. Elsie Bickel, a sophomore who plays the violin in the orchestra, says, “[It’s been] a pretty easy time adjusting to playing with a full ensemble.

The band in the Jim Rouse Theater practicing as a full ensemble for their October 27 concert. (Charlotte Fetters)

One major change this year has come in the form of masks. Senior Avané Lee, an alto-soprano in the choir, says wearing masks alters performance. “It’s a good safety precaution, but it’s harder to sing,” she said.
In the weeks leading up to a mid-October concert, Avané says rehearsals have taken a new look. “It was a shift. We’re all three feet apart and kind of struggling to hear each other,” she said. “But I missed singing with other people.”

Anna says she is glad to be back. “Music is pretty much everything,” she said. “I couldn’t survive without it.”