Mr. Scott Speaks “Student”

Mr. Scott 1Bilingual in Spanish and English, Wilde Lake’s new guidance counselor, Mr. Scott,
is able to provide serve to the school’s Hispanic community. With a background as a Hispanic Liaison and counselor, Mr. Scott believes that being able to communicate in another language is an important part of his job.

“On my caseload, I have three or four students who speak Spanish,” says Mr. Scott. “I’m able to provide a service to students and parents who feel more comfortable speaking in their preferred language.”

Junior Manny Sanchez, whose first language is Span- ish, prefers to speak Spanish even though he speaks English in school. “When
Mr. Scott talks to me in Spanish I get the concept faster and am more open to try,” says Sanchez.

Mr. Scott is joining an already multilingual team. Mrs.Pashigian is able to communicate in some Arabic and Armenian and Mrs. Dummett speaks some Spanish.

Mr. Scott previously worked as a guidance counselor for Hammond Middle School.

As a bilingual guidance counselor, Mr. Scott will be able to help the 11.4% His- panic population here at school, as well as many members of the Lake’s community.