In Spite of Losing Season, Field Hockey Is Hopeful for Future of Program


In the past four years, Wilde Lake Field Hockey has been through eight different coaches. That’s why Coach Ginger Kincaid, has said that she is “here to stay.”

This was a losing season for the Field Hockey team, but it was also one of tremendous growth, said Mrs. Kincaid.

Mrs. Kincaid coached Field Hockey and taught at Glenelg for 39 years before she retired. She knew she wanted to spend some of her time after retirement with Field Hockey, and when there was an opening for a Field Hockey coach at Wilde Lake, she took the position.

Mrs. Kincaid led Glenelg to three state victories in the past 6 years, while Wilde Lake field hockey hasn’t seen a season like that since the late nineties.

“This team has had so many different coaches over the past couple years and that makes it hard for a team to be stable,” Mrs. Kincaid said. “I’m hoping to turn them into a cohesive team again.”

In addition to a new, more stable coaching situation, Wilde Lake hopes to unify as stronger team by taking advantage of new county division chances. Last year, sports directors from Howard and surrounding counties decided to implement division changes to allow players to have more competitive games.

Field Hockey is the first sport this school year to undergo these changes and sophomore Abi Morakinyo believes that they will improve their chances.

“This team has had a lot of setbacks like players and coaches not returning and inexperienced players, which causes us to constantly get beat by other teams who don’t have to deal with any of that,” Abi said. “The division changes should allow us to play more competitive games.”

Senior Varsity Captain Hilary Sandborn not only believes that the division changes have allowed them to have a more competitive season, but having a well-seasoned coach made the season more enthusiastic.

“Coach Kincaid is already making positive changes to our program and we have improved so much this season,” Hilary said. “Not only will the division changes be on our side, but we have more experienced incoming freshmen and Coach Kincaid to build our program back up.”

Varsity player sophomore Carla Spooner said that, “We’re definitely headed the right direction, and although we didn’t win much this season, we are going to come back even stronger next year.”

For Mrs. Kincaid, it takes a while to turn an inexperienced team into a team of professional, skilled players but Wilde Lake’s Field Hockey team is, “On their way to success.”

“This season they have already improved immensely and by this time next year, they’re going to be really well seasoned players,” said Mrs. Kincaid.